A unique law practice led by Dr. Lawrence Schlachter, attorney and board-certified Neurological Surgeon.

“Our clients have confidence that not only do they have a well-trained lawyer, but a lawyer with this medical background.”


In his acclaimed book, Malpractice, Dr. Schlachter provides readers with an all-access pass to the inner sanctums of the health care citadel, exposing the cultural flaws that fuel doctors’ egos and outlining the steps every patient should take to protect himself or herself.

More About the Book

Lawrence B. Schlachter is one of the few attorneys in the United States who has a unique background combining dentistry, neurosurgery and law, with licenses to practice in each profession. He is especially qualified to represent patients with injuries and damage to the nervous system, the brain or the spinal cord resulting from accidents, missed or incorrect diagnoses or elective surgeries gone wrong.

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