Medical Malpractice and Negligence


Our specialization

At The Schlachter Law Firm we specialize in cases where patients have been harmed by medical negligence at the hands of physicians, hospital staff and others. In each case, we go through a careful, chronologically organized evaluation with emphasis on what is supposed to happen versus what did happen. We attempt to identify any errors of commission and of omission. In other words, what someone did wrong or what someone failed to do.

Because Dr. Schlachter has actually performed the surgeries at issue in many cases, or has actually cared for patients with similar ailments, he is able to analyze the situation and read between the lines to identify what may or may not be in the medical records.

Our Process

Dr. Schlachter and his nurse, Teri Schlachter RN, conduct research and consult with practicing physicians to determine what the standard of care requires in each case before coming to any conclusions. It is very important in evaluating these cases to be able to distinguish between complications known to be a risk of the procedure or care versus those that are not supposed to happen with reasonable care.

This combination of medicine and legal knowledge and experience makes The Schlachter Law Firm unique. Our colleagues in the practice of law know this and they often call us to help them on medical negligence cases or to discuss issues in their cases.

Many injured patients come to The Schlachter Law Firm after consulting with and hiring other attorneys who subsequently decline to help them. In those cases, we start from the beginning and perform an independent evaluation of the facts and circumstances in the case to determine whether we can be helpful.

Every medical negligence case is a serious matter for all involved and we approach each case evaluation with that in mind.

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