Brain Injury Cases


Our Specialization

Who better than a brain surgeon who is an attorney to represent a patient with a brain injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident, trucking accident, workplace or on-the-job accident, recreational accident or as the result of an unsafe product?

Our Process

At The Schlachter Law Firm, we evaluate the cause and extent of a patient’s brain injury, as well as the functional effects of the damage and the care and treatments available. In addition, with our legal experience we are able to assemble the best team of litigators and experts to evaluate and manage the legal aspects of the case.

Brain injuries can range from mild to very severe. Some affect the patient’s physical abilities, some affect the patient’s cognitive abilities and some affect both. Brain injuries are life-altering events that affect not only the patient but also the entire family.

We at The Schlachter Law Firm have always been concerned about vehicular and human factors that influence safety on the road and in the workplace, just as we are concerned with safety issues in the delivery of health care. We work very hard to help those injured by negligence receive what they require to get the best care and the best hope of recovery from their brain injury.

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